Ricardo: A heart of gold

By John Carson


Most of our team would lovingly refer to Ricardo as a our hot mess. He's a sweet kid with a lot of potential but often makes very immature decisions. But that can be said for a lot of 18 year olds I know, even those who grew up in far better circumstances.

Ricardo came to us a scared kid wanting a chance to change his life. He's since been in and out of different jobs. We have had to work through what maturity, adulthood and telling the whole truth really looks like. But this sweet kid really does have a heart of gold. He loves all of us so dearly; you can't help but want to shake him while still wanting the world for him. Ricardo recently turned in many resumes to different businesses near our ministry house, and he's waiting for a response. Meanwhile, he's making bracelets to sell to the groups to fill his time. In February, he wants to continue his education he's left by the wayside the last few years.

We pray we can continue to help Ricardo mature and mold his future into what God wants for him. We're proud of the way he loves, and we hope we can teach him the same enthusiasm for hard work and responsibility. Please help us love this crazy kid, and sponsor him for Beach Christmas 2016