Henyi: Beauty and brains

Originally posted November 30, 2013

By Courtney Mathews


The little Honduran girls connected with our ministry are typically associated with being sweet. However, because of their economic status and typically minimally educated parents, they aren’t always associated with academic success. Henyi, however, is known for carrying both of those traits.

We came to know Henyi a year ago when her mother began coming to church and then subsequently moved the family into our building. We fell in love with her smile and quickly learned that behind that bright smile lay an even brighter intellect.

Although Henyi is in only in public school, she excels as a student and sometimes seems to know just as much English as our bilingual school students. She makes good grades and is very responsible in completing her homework. We hope to be able to sponsor her to attend a private school next year based on her academic level. She has an insatiable curiosity and a talent for art – we could decorate whole walls in the building with the pictures and cards she has made for us.

Henyi definitely has her ornery moments, but she has a undeniably sweet heart that led ‘her to be one of the favorites of our summer group visitors.  Henyi’s father was killed a few years ago, and now she and her brother Tobasqui are being raised by their single mother Martha. In many ways, the cards are stacked against Henyi. But our prayer is that God continues to motivate this sweet and intelligent girl to continue pursuing her education and provide a better life for her family.