Ashley – Our sweet, babbling toddler

Originally posted November 20, 2013

By Amber Foster


When Little Miss Ashley lived with us last year, she was quite the diva. Rarely letting anyone but her mom hold her, but still stealing our hearts with her precious smile and tiny frame.

With the addition of a sister (Lesli) to the family, Ashley has opened up and become a hilarious little actress. Ashley and I have become buddies over the past two months.  I love watching her sly smirk as she runs off to hide from me, knowing I’m looking for my morning hugs and kisses. She is at the language learning stage where she will just talk away, completely unintelligible words but conveying so much meaning.

Ashley has become one of my favorite little ones at the building and I’m very excited to see what God does with her life. She has a mother that loves her dearly and only wants the best for her and that is such a blessing in the very selfish world that we live in.