Oscar: Showing our teens what a real father looks like

Originally posted December 5, 2015

I’ll be honest, sometimes I want to hug Oscar and sometimes I want to lock him in a closet so he won’t bother me. He’s a pretty handy guy to have, he can get things fixed around the building that need to be and can organize the teens and talk with them. I love that. But there have been moments on a build site when he tries to help me hammer a nail that I have to say “Oscar, I’ve got it; I know what I’m doing!” And those are the moments I want him in the closet.

I remember when Oscar first came to work for us. I was excited that there would be a fantastic older “dad” figure to help mentor and guide the teens. He is certainly that, and I can’t begin to explain what a blessing that is. None of our teens have great fathers and their healthy role models have been few and far between in their lives. Thankfully, we have someone like Oscar to be should a strong, positive voice in their lives. And I can truly say, because of Oscar I am blessed, personally, in my work at Breaking Chains along with so many others because of his commitment to emulate our Father, who is the best father anyone could ask for.

This will be Oscar and his family’s first trip to Amapala with us. We are excited to celebrate with them and reward them with a couple days of relaxation for all the ways they bless our ministry. Please consider sponsoring Oscar for Beach Christmas!