Maholy: Our quiet sweetheart

Originally posted November 28, 2015

By Michael Carson

Sweet Maholy doesn’t speak much when you’re first getting to know her. She’s the middle child between Marjorie and Francois in Erika’s family. Her family along with one other are our two new families added to our private-school group in our ministry.

Maholy started private school this year in 5th grade. I loved watching her enthusiasm continue to grow as the year continued. She never lost the light in her eye that told you how grateful she was for the opportunity given to her. Her heart is evident in everything she does.

Throughout the year Maholy made good grades and worked very hard. We’re so proud of her determination and heart. She’s very quiet, but we believe she can do great things with a lot of hard work. We look forward to seeing her continue to flourish. Please consider sponsoring Maholy and her first trip ever to the beach!