Erika: A joyous, dedicated mom

Originally posted November 28, 2015


By John Carson

Erika is always laughing I think. Every time I see her or talk to her it ends in laughter. I appreciate her joyfulness and admire her hard work to make a better life for her family. Her children are some of our kids that are in Santa Monica school. I still remember Erika’s house build as one of the most fun I have had. We laughed and had so much fun that day with the group.

I recently visited her out at her home and we laughed and talked with our Honduran ministers as we checked out her fantastic garden she has created around her house. Two of Erika’s kids are in my middle school class and are quick to answer any question I asked. I love watching when our parents work so hard to make a better life for their families and want their kids to know Jesus and have a brighter future. And these are things Erika truly wants for her and her children.

Please consider sponsoring this dedicated mom for our beach Christmas celebration!