Martha: A loving, single mom

Originally posted November 30, 2014


By Courtney Mathews

It’s no secret that being a single mom is tough. Combine that with the struggles that come along with urban poverty in Honduras, and that job becomes even more difficult. It’s hard to maintain the drive and patience required to be the bread-winner for a family and care for and love your children at the same time. But many women in Tegucigalpa do what they must with the hand they’ve been dealt, and Martha is one of those women.

Martha’s husband was killed a few years ago, leaving her as the sole-provider for her family. After struggling for a time, we came to know Martha through her sister and she and her two children, Henyi and Tobasque, became a part of our Breaking Chains family.

Martha and her kids now live in their own apartment and she is responsible for providing for their day-to-day needs on her own. She struggles at times to maintain everything that goes into living independently, but she works to make sure her children are taken care of. And Henyi and Tobasque are never lacking in love. Martha adores her children and they adore her.

Thanks to their sponsors, Henyi and Tobasque just finished their second year of private school in Tegucigalpa. Martha is responsible for making sure the kids catch the bus to school every morning and she picks them up from our building following tutoring every afternoon. She and the kids also continue to worship with us at Breaking Chains every Sunday. So, even though Martha and her family have moved on from our building, they are still very much a part of our Breaking Chains family. As such, we would love to share another Beach Christmas again with them this year.

Please continue to pray for this loving mom as she learns to provide for the needs of her children every day. And please consider sponsoring Martha to give her a wonderful weekend of bonding with Henyi and Tobasque.