Henyi: Offering a warm welcome

Originally posted December 2, 2014


There are a few faces within our ministry that seem to win over people’s hearts immediately, and one of those is Henyi. Henyi’s smile is infectious and her sweet spirit easily draws people to her, including many of our volunteers from the U.S. She lovingly welcomes all those who come to work with us, and they lovingly receive her right back.

We came to know Henyi, along with her brother Tobasqui and her mother Martha, a few years ago when their family came to live with us at Breaking Chains. Following that year, they transitioned into their own apartment. Even though she no longer lives in our building, we still see Henyi often by helping her with homework at Breaking Chains after school and worshipping with her at church on Sundays.

One of the things we worry about with all of the kids with whom we work is their innocence. In a culture where many girls are pregnant or involved in bad friendships and relationships by their early teen years, it’s difficult to not be drawn into the same pitfalls. It’s so difficult to stay on the right course when all that you see leads you toward the opposite. Despite what she sees in her surroundings, Henyi remains mostly apart from it all. And it’s something that we pray she maintains every day. As she enters her teen years, we know that the odds are stacked against her. But we want to fight for her as we do all of our BC kids, and we pray that she and God can walk hand in hand through these tough periods.

We love this intelligent girl and her bright smile. We love watching her sweet interactions with visitors to our ministry and we dream big with her as she thinks about her future. We know that there is so much that God can do with her life if she continues to let him guide her paths.

Please join us in prayer for Henyi daily. And please consider donating to give her a beautiful weekend of bonding with our BC family.