In search of 25 (for $100 per month)

Originally posted May 6, 2012

As we consistently mention, God continues to open new doors for Breaking Chains. But with every new open door comes added responsibility and new challenges. Not surprisingly, as a nonprofit organization, one of those challenges is consistently having the funding to meet the growing need.

Just like yesterday and today, Breaking Chains will continue to rely on God’s providence and the generosity of our supporters to maintain the work that happens in downtown Tegucigalpa. So here is the next step…

Now that our building has been purchased and our roofing project is underway, our task turns to financing our ongoing efforts. We have thrown a lot at of options and opportunities at our supporters over the past months (from our Christmas sponsorship, to education and vocation sponsorship, and now our need to hire employees). So to handle our upcoming expenses, we are making the breakdown a little easier:

We are seeking 25 supporters (individuals, families, youth groups, churches) who will commit to $100 per month for one year. That’s $100 per donor each month, $1200 for the whole year. If you are capable as an individual or family, it’s just $100 added on to your monthly giving and expenses. If you are a youth group, that’s 12 people individually raising $100 each, and that covers your sponsorship for the year. Or a group of 5 friends each giving $20 per month. And so on…

That $2500 (combined from 25 donors) per month will allow us to hire the three Honduran employees we have been looking to hire, round out some of our education, vocation and food expenses, create a contingency fund for our building and invest in new ministry efforts.

The ministry’s mission is to serve and seek change for those affected by urban poverty in Tegucigalpa by meeting basic needs and developing human relationships that act as a gateway toward a relationship with Christ. By pledging $100 per month for one year, you will be helping us fulfill that mission.

If you are willing to help, please email or visit our donate page to view details on how to make your commitment. Donations can be made via check or online through automatic monthly payments.

Geovanny working at a mechanic’s shop for his vocational training.

Geovanny working at a mechanic’s shop for his vocational training.

As always, thank you for your support of our ministry and those we serve. May God continue to bless you and yours! To see photos from the ministry and get quick updates on how your donation is affecting the lives of others, visit our Facebook page.