Looking to expand our Breaking Chains team

Originally posted April 23, 2012

God is amazing. He continues to stretch us in unbelievable ways, but reminds us that He is there every step. Well it’s time to stretch again, but we need some help.

As we grow as a ministry, we are quickly realizing that our small team cannot meet every need by ourselves, and that there are a few holes we need to fill. With that in mind, we are looking to hire three Honduran employees to take care of three needs: cooking, security and accounting.

Cook: With our children in education programs and our teens in vocational training, the job of making sure that everyone is fed during the day in the midst of our running around performing other ministry duties has become increasingly difficult. Hiring a cook will allow us to have someone responsible for the meal planning and cooking and will take a huge amount of stress off of our on the ground team.

Security guard: Also, in order to better enforce building policy and provide for the safety of those we serve, we believe that a security guard is a necessary addition. Security guards are commonplace at nearly every Honduran establishment (and many homes). Our BC security guard will be responsible for managing entry and exit of people to the building, enforcing curfew and other rules, and keeping an eye on the overall environment of the building.

Accountant: Finally, as a group of North Americans operating a Honduran non-profit, we have been advised to bring on a trusted Honduran to handle our NGO’s accounting. There are processes and policies specific to Honduras that really can only be navigated by someone that is trained in the system. In order to be good stewards of our finances and maintain the organization’s integrity, we desire to work with a Honduran accountant.

Each employee will initially be paid approximately $300 per month, and we plan to begin hiring as soon as the funding is available. If you would like to contribute to fund these positions, please email courtney@bchonduras.org. We would love to share more details with you!

As always, if you wish to make a contribution to Breaking Chains, you may do so online through our “Donate” link or mail check donations to:

Breaking Chains Honduras
P.O. Box 20454
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

Thank you for your continued support of Breaking Chains. Please continue to be in prayer for the ministry and these new positions. We look forward to sharing more about them with you in the future!