Arturo: A shy, sweet spirit

By Michael Carson


If there ever was an embodiment of the expression “a man of few words,” you would find it in Arturo. This sweet boy is always a quiet presence around our ministry house.

Arturo loves to work and stay busy, but he does NOT love to talk. He’ll talk if he should, and he treats us with respect, but speaking isn’t ever his first choice. Arturo is one of those kids we always have to start the conversation with and check up on him; otherwise, we might never know he has something we need to hear.

This quiet kid lost his mom this year, and we hated to watch him suffer silently. We worked very hard to check on him and push him to talk. Often, we were the only ones talking, but I think we showed this shy kid unconditional love in this way. I could tell how moved he was to see how much our team cared how he felt and how he hurt. God allowed us to use this sad situation to be a family to him.

Please help us show more love to Arturo and sponsor him for Beach Christmas 2016!