Antonio: An inspiring transformation

By Michael Carson


I’m in awe of how God has worked in Antonio’s life since I have known him. Antonio brings joy to my heart every time I see him and hear about how well he is doing outside our ministry. He continues to better himself and become more responsible.

In Antonio’s final month of living in our ministry house, he developed a strong addiction to crack cocaine. He immediately requested for us to place him in rehab, and he entered Cerepa, a facility outside the city, in early 2015. Antonio came out of rehab in May of 2015 and has lived with fellow missionary David Logue since graduating from the program. A year and a half later he continues to remain drug free despite having recently suffered the loss of his mother.

Antonio helps David’s teams and occasionally our teams build houses, and he holds down a job working construction projects. He also just completed his school year in second grade, having never learned how to read or write when he was younger.

God has outdone himself over the past two years in Antonio’s life. I’m so glad Antonio has David and all the boys Mountain Top Ministries serves. But what I enjoy seeing the most in Antonio is his new-found self-confidence and willingness to open himself up. He’s happier, gentler, kinder and more loving than ever before. He has come so far since that scared, guarded 14-year-old boy I first met all those years ago. I feel truly honored to be able to witness Antonio discover who God intended him to be.

Antonio continues to remain a part of our family. Please reward his hard work this year by sponsoring him for Beach Christmas this year!