Jennifer: the silently loud one

Originally posted December 1, 2015


By John Carson

Jennifer makes me laugh all the time. She comes with her mom Lorna when she cleans our house. And when she first came along, it was almost as if she was terrified to breathe in my presence. She would often just get this terrified face on when I would walk in the room like I was going to eat her or something. I didn’t think she even knew how to speak for the first few months I knew her. I’ve since learned she’s a sassy one and can get in trouble with her smart mouth. Now the first thing she and Allison do when they see me is run up and give me a big hug, which is always a great way to start the day.

Slowly but surely she and her sister Allison became more comfortable around our house. And I enjoy when they come around, most of the time. Dayana, the baby of our family, loves having them around to play with, and sometimes boss around.

Jennifer just finished pre-k this month as a part of our education program and will continue in that to have the opportunity for a good education in the coming years. Please consider sponsoring this little fireball for our Christmas celebration!