Michelle: Our bright-eyed little beauty

Originally posted December 1, 2015


By John Canterbury

Michelle, much like her brother Melvin, requires some time to earn her trust. Two summers ago, I made it my goal to do that. Every day that I saw her I began to play games and talk with her even if these efforts were seemingly ignored. At last, I entered the Breaking Chains building to calls of “Juan! Juan! Juan!” from little Michelle and knew that this sweet little girl had me wrapped around her finger. Since then my love for Michelle has grown just as she has.

While still impossibly quiet, it’s impossible not to see a bright future in little Michelle’s big eyes and wonderful smile. Please pray for this precious little girl as she grows and finds her place in the world.

Michelle is one of four children of two persevering and hard-working parents, Edis and Eugenio. Beach Christmas is a special time for all of them to relax together and enjoy the day as a family.  Will you make this Christmas a special one for Michelle and her family by sponsoring her for Beach Christmas?