Another way to give this Christmas! Please consider sponsoring items from our new teen room wish list.

Originally posted December 11, 2014

By John Carson

We are grateful and amazed to have received such an amazing response to our Beach Christmas event this year, and we would like to open up yet another opportunity to include BC in your holiday giving! An exciting project that we are currently undertaking at the Breaking Chains building is creating a teen room for both Sunday Bible classes and to serve as an educational room.

Our teenagers enrolled in school programs often have the need to use the Internet and to print whatever they may need for homework. Because we don’t have the necessary resources on site, we typically have to send the teens elsewhere in the market to complete their tasks. That method quickly becomes inconvenient and expensive. We are also continually seeking ways to better engage our teens spiritually. With computer access in the building, we will be able to:

1. Save money (by not having to continually pay for outside Internet use and printing costs)
2. Have the educational tools necessary to help the students maintain their grades or catch up in school
3. Provide more teaching methods (video, audio) for both Bible and educational classes

We would like to install two computers along with a video projector to provide the desired access. Our youth minister, Wualter, is very excited about being able to use video materials in his lessons with the teens. I personally think this addition to the building will be a wonderful tool for us to grow our teens educationally, and most of all, spiritually.

If you would like to help with this project, the total cost has been broken down below into items that can be “sponsored” to complete the room. So feel free to buy a keyboard, a month of internet, or half a computer!

If you see an item that you would like to sponsor (in part or in whole) please leave a reply on the teen room wish list page or email with the desired item and the amount you would like to contribute.

You may contribute online via the “donate” section of this blog or send check donations to “Breaking Chains Honduras” at P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.

Thank you for helping us open up new opportunities to our children and teens in the coming year!