Santoni: Our loving, helpful giant

Originally posted December 2, 2014


By John Carson

This will be Santoni’s first Beach Christmas with us since coming to live at the BC building in January. I’m excited to see him enjoy it! Santoni is originally from Limon, Colon. He came to us from living with his sisters just outside of Tegucigalpa. He was expecting his mother to come and take him to live with her, but that never happened. I’ll never forget the day he came and thinking, “Who is this giant stick that is a foot taller me?”

Santoni is such a fun and helpful person to be around. I usually find him laughing loudly or playing soccer with anyone who will play. He is always willing to go on errands in the market for anyone who asks.

He is developing an interest in plants and gardening. I have made him my assistant in taking care of the aquaponics system at the building. He began not really knowing anything about caring for fish or plants. Now he is always curious about what the fish need or if that plant should be looking funny. We laugh through the disasters that come with having pipes and fish.