Diestafano’s family: our hospitable, island friends

Originally posted December 9, 2012

Diestafano, Hermalinda, their children, niece and two nephews

Diestafano, Hermalinda, their children, niece and two nephews

We took nearly 50 people to our first Christmas in Amapala last year. That means we needed several boats to transport us from the mainland, we ate a bunch of food and we required a lot of clean up. One family did that with a sweet smile on their face and laughs to share – Diestafano, Hermalinda and their whole crew.

Amber has gone with various people to Amapala for years, and along the way she struck up a friendship with Diestafano and his family.

These sweet ones have served us with kindness ever since. They served us so quickly last year despite our large numbers and crazy group. There were nearly 50 of us, and not a one of Diestafano’s family ever complained.

Their family team consists of Diestafano and the older boys manning the boat traffic. Hermalinda and older girls helping with the cooking. All the family helps with the serving. And the little ones…well, they’re just good to giggle with our little ones playing in the waves.

We gave each of this family gifts last year, and they looked at us with shocked faces. We want to do the same this year. Please allow us to serve this family this Christmas in just a smidgen of how much they serve us.