Angel: the best personality in our ministry

Originally posted November 29, 2012

My grandson Angel (see his mom Yahira’s entry to ease your confusion) has the greatest personality of any baby ever to grace this world with his or her presence.

OK I’m biased…he’s my grandson after all. But seriously, he’s a great kid. Look at his face! He’s just starting to talk, and he’s just in the past few months started showing his personality. And what a hilarious personality it is.

Angel along with his mom, Angel has given me laughs in my darkest moments. They have brought my mind relief from obsessing over “what if’s” and have saved my heart from feeling jaded about what’s happened in the past few months.

I love how his face lights up when he sees me, but I especially love seeing how he flocks toward his mama. And she to him. I can’t wait to see him grow and watch his personality change even more.

But I particularly can’t wait to see how Angel continues to change his mother’s life for the better. You might think teen motherhood isn’t the way God intended it. But God is surely working through that little boy to make his mom  fight for herself and her son.

Please sponsor Angel and give his mom and family a memory they will always treasure…or else…

OK just kidding, but seriously isn’t this the best picture?