Carly Sofia: a new life, new possibilities

Originally posted December 7, 2012

We have all ages at our Breaking Chains building, from our oldest resident Grandma Cici at 70 to our youngest Miss Carly Sofia at three weeks. We can’t say much about this little one’s personality just yet, but we can say she gives the bright light of hope to her proud padres.

Her 17-year-old papa and 18-year-old mama beam at the sight of their new daughter. Gerson calls Carly “My Little Love.”

When Gerson and Cyndi came to us a few months ago for help, they were just a pregnant girl and a deer in headlights. Now…they both are most of the time. But he and Cyndi love that little girl even though they barely know what to do with her.

These new parents are learning, but they do know they love their baby. They want to be the best people for her. I love watching the way they look at her, especially Gerson. He’s so out of his element, but he can’t help but be giddy when he holds her.

I can’t wait to see little baby girl continue to change her young parents for the better. God can use even the littlest of ones for his incredible glory.

Will you provide for baby Carly Sofia to spend Christmas with her parents?