Marta: a devoted mother

Originally posted December 6, 2012

Marta pictured with her children Angi and Tobaski

Marta pictured with her children Angi and Tobaski

We have several new members of our Breaking Chains family, and some of the newest are a little family headed by a direct, caring mother named Marta.

Marta grew up with Edys, and that’s how she and her little ones became acquainted with us. We started getting to know her a few months ago.

When we gave Marta and her children Tobaski and Angi a room weeks later, we had stipulations. We intended and still do to give her a chance to get back on her feet. We have had issues with families becoming dependent, and we don’t want to inhibit Marta’s independent drive.

Marta appeared from the beginning to have it together, despite many recent happenings in her life. Prolonged headaches, which made it difficult to work, had put her in the financial hole, unable to see a way out. Several unknown men murdered her husband nearly a year ago, leaving her a single mother. Then Marta’s father-in-law moved in to help, but he robbed them of everything while Marta and the kids were out one day.

But somehow her kids still finished this school year in public school, and Marta still goes out and sells spices and a few other small items everyday. All she wants is a chance to become independent. So, we gave her a room, and she promised to keep selling.

If all goes as planned, Marta will begin classes at Mi Esperanza in January like some of our young mothers are doing now. This will give Marta a chance to have a stable job and better income by May and have confidence she can provide for her kids.

Please pray for Marta as we seek to reach our goals together. And please give Marta a chance to relax and spend a wonderful Christmas with her kids and her new family at Breaking Chains.