Sponsor needed: Antonio

Originally posted March 4, 2012

Name: Antonio

Age: 14

Program: Antonio will be enrolled in night school to complete his elementary school education. He will also begin study at La Pradera Technical School in the welding program.

Antonio has been a part of Breaking Chains since November  2011. His older brothers Carlos and Miguel are also a part of the ministry. Antonio has been in and out of children’s homes for most of his life and is struggling to find his place as he moves through adolescence. The opportunity for an education and training will give Antonio a sense of purpose, valuable skills for the future, and will serve as a constructive outlet for all of the energy that comes along with being 14 years old. Please be in prayer over Antonio and this new opportunity.

You can sponsor Antonio for a $100 one time payment for upfront costs, and a $50 monthly payment for recurring needs.