Jonathan: Our lovable goofball

Originally posted December 3, 2015


By John Canterbury

Of all the children I’ve met in Honduras, Jonathan may be the goofiest of them all. Not a day goes by with him where he doesn’t manage to make someone laugh – mostly with him, but sometimes at his never ending supply of clumsiness. Incredibly smart, quick-witted, and always willing to lend a helping hand, it is always a pleasure to spend time with Jonathan. Above all of these attributes, the thing that makes Jonathan such a joy to be around is his love for others. Jonathan is always looking for ways to serve others and when a task needs to be done, you can be sure Jonathan will give it everything he’s got.

Jonathan and his brother Arol have both started at a new school recently where they will receive more individual attention and are very excited about the change. Please continue to pray that this transition to go smoothly and that the boys will be successful in a new environment.

Always trying to entertain those around him, I can’t wait to see what Jonathan has in store for us at the beach this Christmas! Thank you for sponsoring Jonathan and making this Beach Christmas one to remember!