Francois: An adorable new face to know and love

Originally posted December 3, 2015


For a long time, we joked and dubbed Tobasque as “the most photogenic child on the planet.” But now little Francois has come along, and is giving Tobasque a run for his money.

Francois and his family began worshipping with our ministry a couple of years ago, and they easily worked their way into our hearts. Francois is the youngest of three siblings – a baby brother to his two older sisters Marjorie and Maholy. They have a tight knit family and Francois is used to sticking pretty close to his sisters. So when you get him on his own, he can be pretty shy at first. Shy and standoffish, but always sweet. Several times this summer we watched him interact with our U.S. visitors, always timid at first, but eventually coming out of his shell and not wanting to leave by the end of whatever activity they were participating in together was over.

Francois and his sisters were sponsored this year to attend private school, and Francois just completed his year of kindergarten. We are so happy that he was able to thrive in this new environment and pass all of his classes. He will be ready to begin “preparatoria” next year, a level of school in between kindergarten and first grade in Honduras. We are so excited to see the way that God works through Francois in the coming years.

This will be Francois’s first Beach Christmas with us, and we can’t wait to watch his family spend wonderful time together – and snap some pics of his incredibly cute face! Please consider a donation to sponsor Francois for Beach Christmas this year!