Alexa: Pre-K

Originally posted January 18, 2016

Name: Alexa

Grade: Pre-K

Needs: $100 per month; 

              One-time donation of $600 for upfront costs

We are blessed at Breaking Chains to have just hired our new preaching minister, Alexander. Alexander, along with his wife and two children, have moved to work with us from Nicaragua. We are excited about what this young family will add to our ministry.

Alexander and his wife would love for their children to have access to a quality education. However, Alexander has just started a new job, and his wife has medical issues which limit their funds. In an effort to help Alexander’s family, we are seeking to sponsor his two children for private school in the city.

His daughter, Alexa, will attend the Santa Monica school along with many other of our BC kids. This is her first year in school. She will begin pre-K and is very excited about the opportunity.

Alexa will need $100 per month for tuition and transportation costs and a one-time donation of $600 for her upfront costs in order to make his schooling possible.

Please consider sponsoring little Alexa for her education this year! We are excited to see the ways in which God continues to work through this family.