Nayeli: Seventh grade

Originally posted January 20, 2016

Name: Nayeli

Age: 14

Grade: 7th

Needs: one-time donation of $600 for upfront costs

Nayeli has been a part of our education program since its inception, and over the years we have watched her grow academically and in confidence.

Neither of Nayeli’s parents have much of an education, so she has had to forge her own path and find her own motivation in order to make it through each year of school. Nayeli has three younger siblings, and they look to her as a role model. School has not always been easy for Nayeli. Like many teenagers, she has struggled to maintain focus and realize the need for making wise decisions daily. But this past year, Nayeli recommitted herself and has done exceedingly well in her academics and her attitude.

Making it to seventh grade is a huge achievement in Honduras. We pray daily that God will watch over Nayeli and continue to guide her on the right path. She has already succeeded in so many ways, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for her.

Nayeli is in need of a one-time donation of $600 to cover her upfront costs such as books, uniforms and school supplies. Please consider contributing to this amazing young girl’s education.