Hermilenda and Diestafano's family: Our gracious Beach Christmas hosts

By Amber Foster

Every year we are received by the sweetest family you will ever meet. Hermilenda and Diestafano treat us as if we are extended members of the family and do everything in their power to make our stay exceptional.  

Hermilenda, her daughters, now her daughters-in-law fix all of our meals and clean up after us as we hang out in their family’s restaurant all weekend. Restaurant, of course, is a very liquid term. We started out eating under a palm frond roof over a patch of sand, and we’ve watched as their little space has expanded into several “rooms” with a wooden floor. Hermilenda called me the other day to tell us that they have expanded even more in anticipation of our arrival.  

We have watched the five children grow into beautiful young men and women and begin to have children of their own. We’ve held the grandbabies and shared family stories. They are dear friends who treat us deep love.  

Every year we do our best to tip well and leave each member with a small gift of appreciation for all of the love they share with us.  Help us return a little bit of the love they so freely give to us. 

-If you would like to sponsor Hermilenda and Diestafano’s family, please click on the blog title and leave a reply in the comments section. The cost to sponsor their family’s gifts is $150. You can contribute online via the donate page of our website. You can also send check donations to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.-