Escarleth: Breaking down her walls

By Courtney Sullivan


When you look at Escarleth, the first thing you may notice is her tough exterior. She dresses very masculinely and tries to keep her distance if she can help it. But once you start to break through, you find an incredibly warm and kind heart.

Escarlet has been a part of our young adult program several times over the years. In the past, she would stay for a while, and then ultimately something would lead her away again. Escarleth has had to grow up in a tough way. She was raised in and out of children’s homes, and experienced all sorts of abuse along the way. As a result, she learned to close herself off and not let things affect her. But over the past few years, God has been slowly chipping away at those walls.

Escarleth came back to us in early 2017 ready to try again, and this time she has been more committed than ever. Escarleth has never done well in traditional school. She has never finished a grade of elementary school, and she can’t read. But she is INCREDIBLY gifted creatively. This year, she was able to join the jewelry making program at another local ministry called Mi Esperanza, and it was a perfect fit. She shined in the program, so much so that she was offered a role earning money as part of the regular jewelry making staff.

The opportunity for Escarleth to succeed has done wonders for her confidence and given her a new skill. But even more than that, it has opened her up to possibilities and made her a more open person as a whole. The jewelry school teacher has talked about how, in the beginning, Escarleth wouldn’t even sit in the same room as the other girls while she did her work. Now she works, laughs and jokes alongside everyone else.

We love seeing Esarleth smile. It is infectious. We are so thankful for the way God is breaking down Escarleth’s tough exterior and leading her closer to him. We can’t wait to celebrate with this girl at Beach Christmas.