Linda’s family: seeking a blessing for an overwhelmed mother

Originally posted November 28, 2013


Though they don’t live in our building, the beautiful family of girls pictured above is one that is very near and dear to our ministry. Only now, that family boasts three more members than it did just two weeks ago.

Linda, along with her daughters Sandra, Escarleth and Perla frequently visit our ministry throughout the week. But this week Linda stopped by with two extra girls in tow. After talking to us about her financial struggles of trying to keep up with her living expenses, she said that the two girls with her were also her daughters. They, along with their older sister, had recently come to live with her after the grandmother they had been living with passed away.

So now Linda has three extra mouths to feed on top of those she was already struggling to maintain. You could see the strain and worry in Linda’s eyes as she talked to us about the best plan for the future. Linda loves her family. But, in reality, she does not have the income to provide for them all, nor many skills currently to gain better employment. She will have to make some tough decisions soon regarding her children’s future, which may include placing some of her girls in a children’s home for a time after the beginning of the year.

Linda has dealt with several struggles in her past, including drug addiction and abusive relationships, but has come a long way from where she once was. She wants a better life for her family, but it’s a struggle every day to get there. Our prayer is that she continues to rely on God to push forward even when it seems like one thing after another is stacked against her.

In Honduras, it is a big deal for everyone to wear their new clothes on Christmas. And with the new additions to Linda’s family, there is no way she will be able to afford that for every child. Though they won’t be going to the beach with us, we would love to be able to sponsor Linda’s family to give each of her daughters a new outfit for Christmas. That way, they can find some joy and normalcy in celebrating the Christmas holiday together before potentially big changes in the new year.

Please consider donating $125 to sponsor this beloved, struggling family for Christmas. It would be a much appreciated blessing for a weary, overwhelmed mother.