Arol: our little English language lover

Originally posted November 30, 2013

By Michael Carson


Many kids would feel overwhelmed by living in a house with parents whose first language is different than their own. But Arol seems to be thrilled by it. It only makes him want to learn more English so that he can always know what we’re saying.

John is still learning Spanish day by day, and Arol used to ask me three or four times a day how to say something in English. Now, he almost never asks me. John’s learning Spanish, and Arol’s learning how to maneuver around the words he doesn’t know.

Arols is always one of the teacher’s favorites, no matter the year or subject. He’s a sweet boy who loves to learn English and demonstrate how much he knows. I love thinking about how two years ago he was a 9-year-old who couldn’t read or write, and now he’s learning to do both in two languages.

The bilingual school where Arol and several of our other kids attend has become a second home for our kids. Arol may complain about doing homework, but he adores his teachers and the administration at Interamerican. And he loves to learn. He will start third grade in February, and now he’s old enough to be on the school soccer team. He’s thrilled!

Arol has a lot of emotional issues still to work through, but I’m thrilled to say he’s moving forward in a positive way with school and with us.

Please sponsor this sweet boy to spend Christmas with us and his BC family on the beaches of Amapala. He can’t stop talking about it!