Lorna: Giving everything for her children

By John Carson


Lorna is one of the hardest working people I know. If you have stayed at our house with a mission team, then she has cooked for your large group practically by herself. She comes to clean our house to help support her family. She is so dedicated to her family, maybe to a fault. Both of her daughters, Jennifer and Allison, are in our education program at Integrity Academy. In Lorna's mind, every note from the school needs to be taken care of right away and done perfectly, which drives me a little crazy. I tell her to chill quite a bit :)

I will always remember my first memory of Lorna, because it is one of true gumption. Some may remember Allison had a brain tumor a few years back, and that required a lot of treatment. She couldn't walk. They live in Montes, a developing community where we build a lot of houses. The hill to get into the community is steep, and long and she lives at the bottom. I still find it incredible that she would carry Allison, and at times Jennifer too, all the way up that hill. That is the dedicated mother that she is. 

Please consider helping this dedicated mother have a relaxing and merry Beach Christmas with us this year!