Seeking help for our loving house parents

Originally posted November 19, 2015

Hey Breaking Chains friends! ‘Tis the season, right? As the holidays approach, we have a need among our Honduran BC team that we would like to let you know about and seek your support.

As many of you know, we have been blessed for the past year to have the help of our two BC house parents, Oscar and Alba. Oscar and Alba have been a godsend to us in many ways. Not only do they stay at our building overnight to keep an eye on things, but they have become mentors, counselors, disciplinarians and pillars of stability in the lives of our young adults. In many ways, they are very much like parents, seeking to provide the structure, love and Godly influence so crucial to healthy development.

Oscar and Alba own a home and live with their pre-teen son in a part of the city called Loarque.  Just like any homeowner, Oscar and Alba are responsible for paying for the repairs on their house. And just like any homeowner, sometimes big repairs come up for which they are not entirely prepared. Oscar and Alba have encountered a need that requires prompt attention: their roof is in disrepair and must be replaced.

Oscar and Alba are hard workers and would very much like to take care of the problem on their own, however, the cost for the project is very high – about $1050. Since the couple has only been working with BC since January, they have not yet built up a great amount of savings to cover the costs. In order to help pay for the project, they have had to take out a loan from a bank which charges a very high interest rate,  drastically increasing the overall cost from what it would be if they could just pay cash for the repairs.

The couple could only take out a loan in the amount of around $700. They still lack $350 in order to get the project rolling. We would love to be able to help them cover these costs.

If you are interested in making a one-time donation, your contribution will first be used to help cover the $350 needed in order to begin the project.  Doing so would allow them to at least get the immediate physical need taken care of and eliminate that element of stress in their lives. After that amount is raised, further contributions will be used to help Oscar and Alba pay off their loan amount in order to reduce their payments and the amount they will lose in interest.

If you are interested in making a one-time contribution, you may do so through the “Give” section of our website. You may also send a check donation to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156. Please if you have any questions.

We would love to be able to help this family who does so much for our BC family. Please consider making a one-time gift to help this deserving couple.


The BC Honduras team