Alba: Our loving house mom

By Amber Foster

Oscar and Alba are the perfect pair. Oscar is our stern disciplinarian and Alba is his loving, motherly wife. Together they are the perfect combination of strength and comfort that our young people need.

Most nights you can find Alba in the kitchen alongside the teens teaching them proper cooking skills and ways to prepare food for their own families someday. Instead of just heating food, she helps them prepare meals. She plays games with them and shares the word of God with them to get them through their struggles.  

It is rare the day that someone doesn’t say to me, “last night when I was reading the bible with Madre Alba….” then sharing some insight she has taught them. She struggles when they struggle and gets so frustrated when she feels like one of them is slipping back into old habits. She fights for them, because she knows that God wants the best for them. 

We are so blessed to have a couple so dedicated to loving our young people in the way that they are sorely lacking. Please help us give back to Alba as she continually pours out her heart for our ministry.

-If you are interested in sponsoring Alba, please click on the blog title and leave a reply in the comments section. A full sponsorship is $150. You can contribute online via the donate page of the website. You can also send check donations to P.O. Box 20454 Oklahoma City, OK 73156.-