Education update: Praises for being mostly sponsored! Some support still needed.

Originally posted January 30, 2013

God seems to constantly reveal his omnipotence to our Breaking Chains team. Just a few weeks ago, we asked for sponsors for 12 children to attend six different schools. As of today, we only lack full sponsors for three children and the upfront costs for one child.

Thank you to those who wanted to give a child a chance to break the chains of poverty in their lives and for their families. Four of these children have the opportunity to attend school for the first time and eight will be able to continue their educations with the help of your generosity.

We still have a few kids awaiting full or partial sponsorship:

Jonatan and Dayana still each need $100 monthly and $600 for one time costs.            Angi only needs $30 monthly and $100 upfront for her year in pre-K.                            Nayeli needs $600 for her upfront costs.

We are moved by your constant desire to further God’s work through Breaking Chains. We can’t wait to show you how these kids take your sponsorship and flourish in incredible ways academically and socially over this next year.

We appreciate how much you believe in these kids and want to help them succeed. We love each of them and can’t wait to see what this year brings for them. Please join us in prayer as these kids enter or return to a life of homework and hard work. Thanks again so much for your belief and support of these amazing kids.


Jonatan and his teacher at the school’s Honduran festival.

Jonatan and his teacher at the school’s Honduran festival.