Antonio: Shyly longing for love

Originally posted November 22, 2013

By Amber Foster


Antonio is Miguel’s little brother and our youngest single resident. At first glance, Antonio is a very angry young man. He has suffered untold abuse from his mother and been abandoned repeatedly. But once you get to know him, you see the sweet, playful, young man inside longing to be loved.

Antonio is learning to read this year and is very shy about sharing it but so proud of his progress. Antonio is not a talker, at all, but loves to just sit with an arm around him as we relax or work on projects. Pulling Antonio out of his shell has proven to be a very long process, but so very rewarding.

You can usually find Antonio quietly lingering nearby waiting for some attention or playing soccer with some of our little guys. There’s never any doubt when Antonio is playing soccer. It is the only time I’ve have seen him completely let go. He laughs, teases, and yells with excitement regardless of whom he is playing.

Antonio has a hard time opening up, but he is getting there. Beach Christmas is one of those times when he can just be a kid, no pressure and no shame.