Escarlen: one beautiful frustration

Originally posted November 21, 2013

By Michael Carson


If you ever have to tutor our little Escarlen, you might end the time early wanting to pull your hair out. Her attention span can occasionally make a gnat look like its got it all together. But when you have a conversation with this little gift from God, you will fall in love with her kind spirit and mostly unintentionally hilarious personality.

Escarlen may be a little mess, but she has the sweetest heart. This year a boy started at Interamerican who was in 4th grade, but he had never been in bilingual school before. Administration decided to put him in second grade for a time to catch him up. The kids in second grade made fun of this little boy. Escarlen scolded the other kids and reminded them they had all been in that same situation.

Our little gem knew what it felt like to be made fun of for being different or not as quick as other kids. She remembered how bad that felt, and she wasn’t going to let that fourth grader feel like she had felt.

I pray to God this shows us a glimpse of what Escarlen’s future looks like – fighting for those who came from places and situations she knows, fighting for those who can’t fight on their own.

Please reward this little girl’s heart and give her a special Christmas vacation with her family. Would you sponsor this little one with such a beautiful heart for others?