Help us break chains by sponsoring a teenager’s education or vocational training

Originally posted March 2, 2012

“If you build it, they will come.” Well, since Breaking Chains opened its doors, they have come. The ministry is currently blessed to provide shelter and guidance for approximately 40 people in need, many of whom are children and teenagers.

Now that these children and teenagers have found security in our building, we are moving forward on our efforts to provide them with a brighter future through education and training – opportunities they would otherwise not have.


Currently we have six children sponsored to attend private school in Honduras. Now, we have partnered with local organizations and are enrolling our teenagers in high school and vocational programs.

Those that are young enough have enrolled in local high schools to continue their education. Others are enrolled in “talleres”, or vocational training programs. These programs include beauty classes, sewing, auto repair, construction, welding and more. It is our hope that through these education and vocation initiatives, the teenagers in our building will gain valuable knowledge and skills to carry them forward in life and help them escape the cycle of poverty. Our hope is that they continue to prosper long after they leave the shelter of our building.

Here is how you can help: Each of our 18 teenagers will need a sponsor to cover the cost of the needs associated with their educations. An upfront cost of $100 is necessary to cover the cost of new clothes, backpacks and supplies. Then, each teenager will need monthly support for their daily lunch and transportation, as well as incidental supplies. The monthly cost to sponsor will be $50 to $75 per month depending on the program.

If you are interested in sponsoring (upfront costs, monthly costs, or both), we will match you with one of our 18 teenagers seeking sponsorship and tell you more about his or her story. Please comment on this blog post or email if you wish to sponsor or would like more information.

Thank you for your continued support of Breaking Chains. We are committed to providing a better future to those we serve and are excited to share this new opportunity with you! May God bless you as faithfully as he continues to bless our ministry.