Grandma Sepherina: Sugar and spice

Originally posted December 9, 2013


Grandma Sepherina (or Grandma CiCi as we like to call her) is a sweetheart and a spitfire. Though she stands about four and a half feet tall, she still commands the respect of everyone in her family including her four children and one great-grandchild.

On the surface, she is the poster child for a doting grandmother. Sweetly escorting her grandchildren by the hand around the building. Pausing to kiss us on the cheek and flashing us a toothless smile when we greet her. Closing her eyes tightly and raising her hands in worship during our church services. But old Grandma knows how to have fun too.

After not being able to attend Beach Christmas last year due to some health problems, she is excited to attend this year. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, her first response was, “a motorcycle.” Then she laughed and said, “Okay, okay. A car.”

We are so blessed to have this sassy Grandma as part of our Breaking Chains family. She is a Grandma to all of us and we can’t wait to spend time with her on the beach again this year.