Rosie: A little girl with a big heart

Originally posted December 5, 2015


By Michael Carson

Everyone who is a part of our ministry, North American or Honduran, knows our little Rosie. She’s a mess and a half with a heart of pure gold. She may be ornery. But she loves, and she loves freely. She loves in a way most adults only wish they felt comfortable doing.

Rosie will turn seven in May and will begin second grade in February. She’s rambunctious, hilarious and so smart. We’re excited to see her love for learning only continue to grow. She has so many talents and wonderful parts of herself to share with the world. But my favorite virtue of little Rosie’s is her ability to love.

When John and I were in the States, Dayana stayed with Amber and Rosie. Dayana naturally missed us and at times had a hard time keeping a positive attitude. One night we Skyped with her, and I knew when we got off the call she was sad. Amber later told me a story.

As Dayana closed her conversation with us, Rosie ran up and threw her arms around Dayana’s neck. She said, “I know you miss them. When my mom is gone I miss her too. But when they’re not with us, they’re with us here.” And little six-year-old Rosie then pointed to her heart.

The sky is the limit for the love this little girl can share with the world. And I for one look forward to what she will bring to our ministry and who she will help feel the unconditional love of Jesus as she grows up around Breaking Chains.

Please sponsor Rosie and give her a great beach trip with her family!