Check it out: Summer 2018 Lead Internship Description and Application


Hey college students! If you are interested in urban ministry and want to spend the summer working in Honduras, consider applying for one of our lead intern positions. Lead interns spend the entire summer working alongside our BC team to serve in a variety of ways and build lasting relationships. Take a look at the job description below, and consider applying! Applications are due by December 31, 2017

Job Description:

Breaking Chains is seeking individuals to serve as lead interns for a summer-long internship. Lead interns will be responsible for:

●     Assisting in day-to-day ministry needs (teen engagement, educational needs, etc.)
●     Facilitating volunteers’ projects in the Breaking Chains building
●     Traveling with and helping facilitate day-to-day activities for mission groups
●     Helping lead/coordinate Sunday school classes for worship services
●     Participating in weekly meal service on the street
●     Spending time at the Breaking Chains building to build relationships and better understand the work of Breaking Chains and urban ministry
●     Participating in and leading (at times) weekly Bible study with BC team members and other interns
●     Planning and leading a weekly devotional for the ministry’s teens/young adults
●     Participating in regular ministry meeting with BC team members 

Lead interns must be available all summer and will stay in the home of one of our ministry team members. Each day, interns will travel with ministry members to work at our downtown facility or join the U.S. groups in their various work and relational projects.

Following an application and interview process, the selected lead interns will each receive a $1,000 scholarship. The scholarship will be transferred directly to the student’s supporting church congregation for use in aiding with fundraising costs for the summer internship or whatever other area the student deems most appropriate. 


The ideal candidate should...

●     Have a strong, personal faith in God
●     Have experience leading others
●     Have a strong interest in missions and/or urban ministry
●     Speak Spanish or be interested in learning
●     Enjoy learning about and experiencing other cultures
●     Be able to work independently on projects
●     Exhibit a personable demeanor in order to interact with and help lead visiting missions groups
●     Be able to interact with people living in tough circumstances (immense poverty, drug abuse, etc.) and be willing to show grace in giving others second and third chances
●     Be ready and willing to work every day during the week
●     Be willing to stick to a schedule but not be overwhelmed if nothing goes according to that schedule.
●     Maintain a good attitude and continually serve as a good ambassador for Jesus Christ
●     Be willing to lead others but also be willing to take direction
●     Be willing to provide any help to on-the-ground ministry members


●     Interns must be college-level students. Preference will be given to individuals with an interest in missions and/or urban ministry.
●     Ability to speak Spanish is not required, but preference will also be given to individuals who already speak or are pursuing learning the language.
●     Internship length: 2.5 months. Must be available to intern beginning May 15, 2018 and ending July 31, 2018.
●     Interns are responsible for raising their own funds (outside of the $1,000 scholarship).  A typical 2.5 month internship requires $2,500 to cover the cost of airfare, rent and utilities contribution, and food and leisure costs while in the country.
●     Applications must be submitted by December 31, 2017. All lead interns must submit an application, and complete an interview and background check. ·   

If you are interested in applying for a lead internship position, please download and fill out the application below and return it to Upon reviewing all submitted applications, a BC team member will contact each applicant to notify them of a decision or request for more information.

Download the application here: 2018 BC Lead Internship Description and Application