Brayan: a dancing fool

Originally posted December 3, 2012

Brayan opens his presents during last year’s beach Christmas

Brayan opens his presents during last year’s beach Christmas

When I first met Brayan almost a year ago, I did not understand the gravity of what was happening that night. I had been in the country for only a day and had no idea what to expect when I walked into the Breaking Chains building.

I had no idea that I would be in a circle dancing with Brayan, but I assumed all of this was normal. I did not know that Brayan usually did not come out of his room and usually did not really interact with anyone.

But that night, something special happened, it was like he heard music for the first time. I have never heard Brayan say a word and I have no idea what he is thinking. He is mysteriously sweet and clings to his family especially his brother Axel and his grandma CiCi.

Brayan’s father Richard found a school for Brayan, and he starts in February. I know his father will be so proud to see Brayan learn how to function better. Brayan’s a sweet boy, and I can’t wait to see how school changes him.

I was blessed to see Brayan go to Amapala last Christmas and to see him play with Axel and enjoy being with his family at the beach. Please consider sponsoring Brayan this Christmas!