Skarleth: Daily seeking God's face

By Amber Foster

By Amber Foster


Skarleth and I have had a very rocky road. Watching her battle against addictions and pain has been hard. Having her do that in my home while also pregnant was something that only God gave me strength to endure. But I can say with great joy that she has come out on the other side a dedicated mother and dear friend.

Skarleth is very aware of her own demons and fights so hard against them. Within the last six months or so she has really rededicated her life to God and fought to have a relationship with Him. At least once a week she sends me a message asking deep theological questions that we wrestle with together. She genuinely desires to be who God created her to be, and I am honored to have a front row seat as she discovers who that is.  

Her love is hard won but fiercely defended, and she in an amazing mom to her little boy. In a lot of ways Patrick gave Skarleth a reason to fight. She’s fallen many times, but she keeps dusting herself off and coming back stronger.  

Please help us show this amazing young women that even though she has left our facility she will never leave our hearts, or our family.  

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