The Wish List

Originally posted April 13, 2012

Summer is drawing near and we at Breaking Chains are getting excited for the visiting mission teams that will be coming in the next few months. Through conversations with different people coming to visit, several have asked what items we are in need of the most. Well, let’s make it a little easier: Below is a list of items which are staple needs in the ministry. Most of them are small and simple enough to collect and bring down in a suitcase. We would be blessed to receive any or all of these items. Thank you to everyone for your support and we look forward to seeing you this summer!

Personal items:



Feminine hygiene pads (not tampons)

Socks (adult and child)

Small adult-size shoes (sizes 5-9)

Small clothing (Most of the people we serve, even the guys, wear small shirts and pants – so we frequently run out)


Baby formula



Triple antibiotic ointment

Hydrocortisone cream

Large bandages

Liquid wound wash



Children’s Tylenol and stomach medicine


Blue/red/black pens

Pencil sharpeners and erasers

Construction paper

Colored pencils

Flash cards

Scissors and glue