Eugenio: A strong, silent father

Originally posted November 30, 2013

By John Carson


I really appreciate Eugenio’s smile. I usually see it when he is laughing at something I am doing – that gringo who’s still fighting to learn Spanish. The smile he has is filled with happiness. I remember when I first saw that smile; it was at the first Beach Christmas two years ago. On that day there was so much joy on his face as he played with his son Melvin on the beach.

Eugenio’s life is all about his family. There is a deep love in his eyes when he holds them and loves them. He works odd construction jobs for about five dollars a day. It is hard to get a lot of words out of him, but it’s the easiest when he’s bragging on his kids. He is the epitome of the strong, silent type.

I am grateful his children are blessed with such a great dad. More so, I am grateful for a father who wants his family to know Jesus and a better future.