Nancy: Our loving, teen mom

Originally posted November 25, 2013

By Courtney Mathews


Raising a child is hard. Raising two children under two, and doing it without your husband is even harder. But Nancy does it with incredible grace.

We first came to know Nancy a few years ago as a somewhat scared, pregnant teenager who came to our building with then boyfriend, Josue, and two of her friends. They were the first group of teenagers who ever lived in the building.

Since that time, we have had ups and downs. We have witnessed her marriage to Josue, the birth of her two beautiful baby girls and Nancy’s beginnings of a training program. And also the sad news of husband Josue’s recent incarceration for minor crime. But even through times of living with us and living apart, Nancy has always remained part of our family.

Nancy is sort of an anomaly among teens on the streets. She doesn’t have any drug or alcohol vices. She is educated and, thanks to a children’s home where she spent part of her childhood, even speaks a tiny bit of English. And she is a caring mother. Nancy’s biggest downfalls just come from following the attitudes of poor associations.

But Nancy has desires for her future. She wants to provide a good life for her two daughters, and she wants them to see in her a strong, loving, godly example. Though she dropped out before the end of her beauty training program earlier this year, she wants to finish or begin steady employment in another field. Her first concern is that her children are well taken care of during the day while she works or studies, so we will soon enroll them in a daycare program.

We are so proud of this loving mother and the way she is looking toward the future. Please continue to pray for Nancy has she takes on the role of single mother for a while.