Help us celebrate “El Dia del Niño”

Originally posted September 8, 2012

The holiday snuck up on us with all that has been happening at Breaking Chains, but this Monday is a national holiday here in Honduras called “Dia del Niño”, or “Children’s Day”.

Children’s Day in Honduras is one of the most widely celebrated national holidays. Organized to recognize the importance of childhood and youth, it is celebrated much like we would celebrate Christmas or a birthday party in the U.S. Each school will have an all-day party to entertain the children with food, presents and games. Families and community organizations will also celebrate the day by hosting special events, parties and giving gifts to their children. It is hard to describe just how important Children’s Day is in Honduras, but to not receive a gift on Children’s Day would be like receiving no presents on Christmas. It is highly valued. So we are asking for your help!

We would love if you would help our BC families make this holiday special for their children. There are currently 17 children from four different Breaking Chains families that we will help celebrate.

We are asking for freewill donations of any denomination to help with this cause. This is a great opportunity to donate a quick $10, $15, $20 or so to help out our kids. If you have thought about donating before but didn’t think the amount you could give would be significant, now would be a great time to give! It won’t take much and it will make someone’s day very special!

If you would like to donate, please do so through the donate page of this blog, or on our website. Please email if you have any questions. Thank you in advance for your quick response and generosity!