Suyapa: Never too late

Originally posted November 29, 2012

Suyapa opening presents at last year’s beach Christmas

Suyapa opening presents at last year’s beach Christmas

Going back to school and wanting to improve your life is difficult for any adult. It is especially difficult for an adult with four children living in urban poverty.That is the story of Suyapa.

Suyapa lives at Breaking Chains with her husband Richard, children Yahira, Axel, Brayan, and Angi and grandson Angel. For the past few months Suyapa has been taking elementary school level classes through another organization in the city. Though she is well into adulthood, she is still just learning how to read and write – but she IS learning. And she knows that through learning she can make a better life for herself and her family.

Suyapa is quiet at times and not the easiest to read on the surface, but a deeper look shows an immense dedication to her family, a great work ethic and a strong will – a will that we pray continues to drive Suyapa to positive places. She is a great example to her young children that it is never too late to improve and grow.

Please help us make Christmas special for Suyapa and the family for which she works so hard.