Beach Christmas 2018 is coming! Please consider sponsoring

Beach Christmas 2018 is on its way! The annual trip has become a beloved tradition that our BC family looks forward to every year. It’s a great time to get away from the city, reward the young adults, education program students and parents for their hard work during the year, and thank God for His blessings. We relax on the beach, play in the ocean and in the pool, open a few presents, and spend quality time as a family. Click here to view photos from last year’s trip.

Each individual attending will need a sponsorship of $150 to cover the cost of their food, lodging, transportation and gifts for the weekend. Some of the individuals needing sponsorship have been a part of our BC family for a long time, while others are joining us for their first ever Beach Christmas trip. Please take a look at the profiles below and consider a donation!

Please email if you have any questions.

EVERYONE IS NOw sponsored for beach christmas!! Thank you so much for your generosity! we can’t wait to take this trip as a family!