40 for 40: A blessing and a challenge

Originally posted January 4, 2012

Hello friends. We have some exciting news to share! As you may know, this year Winterfest (an annual, two-city youth conference) has chosen to bless Breaking Chains with its Sunday morning event contribution to help purchase our ministry facility. That is already a huge blessing in itself, but here’s some more news. A pair of generous donors has offered up an additional $40,000, dollar-for-dollar matching grant for this year’s contribution. That means if we can raise $40,000 through the contribution on Sunday (combined from both venues), the donors will put up an additional $40,000 – bringing the total to $80,000. That amount will go a LONG way in helping us meet our goal of $150,000 to purchase the building and replace the roof.

The matching grant donors have offered a blessing and a challenge -so now it’s your turn. We need your help! At times the Sunday morning contribution can be a bit of an impulse, throw in whatever change (if any) is left in your pocket from fast food and souvenir purchases – but we are asking for a little more forethought. If you have visited our ministry before, we ask that you think about the people you have met who will be served by having the building. So get your youth group together and brainstorm ways to bring some extra cash to Winterfest. Approach your church leadership or individual members and ask if they will chip in for a one-time donation to bring with you. Tell your friends who aren’t familiar with Breaking Chains about it, and encourage them to bring a few bucks to donate as well.

It’s a big goal, but we believe it can be done through your support, spreading the word and  prayer. So, eat in one night instead of hitting up McDonald’s, and bring that extra $5 with you. Just a little planning ahead will make a big difference as we work to help those living in urban poverty in Honduras.

We are so thankful for the love and support that so many of you already show us. We could not ask for a better place to serve or better people to stand alongside us. The attached picture is our 40 for 40 icon – a statement of hope as we try and raise $40,000 for the promise of $40,000 more. We ask that you spend some time in prayer over this contribution and keep checking Facebook and our other communication sites for more updates.


Breaking Chains Honduras