• spiritual outreach

    • Breaking Chains is committed to healing and restoring communities through redemptive relationships with Christ and promoting community through the family of believers. The ministry hosts weekly worship services and bible classes on Sunday afternoons which are facilitated by local leaders. The nature of the environment in which we work means that individuals in our BC family often need to work through heavy issues and life circumstances that require God's healing hand. As such, the BC facility opens during the week for people to come in and share one-on-one conversation and prayer with our ministry staff.

  • street outreach and community benevolence

    • Breaking Chains was formed initially through serving meals on the street and forming relationships. We maintain those roots of the ministry through weekly street outreach. Our residents prepare a meal each Friday and serve it, alongside our ministry team, to our friends downtown. We set our goal to focus not on handouts but, rather, use food as a means to show love, learn about others and communicate worth.

    • We feel blessed as a team to have wonderful relationships with our church members and their respective communities, the majority of whom are very low-income. As such, occasionally financial needs arise for which they are unprepared and unable to take care themselves. Such needs include unexpected medical expenses, funeral expenses, school costs, etc. Our ministry team assesses need, urgency and recurrence and prayerfully distributes benevolence funds to those in need of temporary assistance.

    • Breaking Chains also has a small storeroom of various items (hygiene products, clothing, general medical supplies, etc.) we distribute as needed to individuals and families requiring assistance. We use physical and monetary donations to stock the storeroom, and as a team we decide how to distribute the items.

  • education and vocation

    • For many people we serve, poverty has what feels like a permanent hold on their families and becomes a cycle. We can see its effects and continuation from one generation to the next. Breaking Chains facilitates a student sponsorship program to give local children a shot at a quality education in an effort to break this cycle of poverty. Thanks to generous U.S. contributors, the ministry facilitated sponsorships for nineteen children to attend local private schools this year. The opportunity for a solid education not only advances the child's academic skills but also builds confidence and opens up ideas about what is possible for the future. Our team mentors both the family and each student to achieve the best version of him or her.

    • Our team also encourages our young adults, who live at Breaking Chains as part of our young adult ministry, to better their futures through education or vocation opportunities. Each young adult is unique and comes with a different background and set of skills. For some, completing high school proves the appropriate next step. For others, we encourage a more creative route like trade school. Similar to the younger students, the young adults grow in confidence with each successful step they take toward achieving their goals. We are able to provide these opportunities for our young adults, just like our younger kids, thanks to generous individual and church sponsors.

  • young adult ministry

    • Our Breaking Chains building houses five to fifteen young adults (ages 18-23) at any given time who are in periods of transition (having aged out of a children's home, attempting to leave a life on the streets, seeking respite from poor family situations, etc.). The young adults stay for whatever length of time makes sense for the individual's unique situation. During their time with the ministry, the staff aims to reach out to the young adults spiritually as well as help them move forward toward achieving their life goals. For most, this means pursuing education, enrolling in vocational school or seeking employment. While living at BC, the young adults each have responsibilities allowing them to grow toward independence while also learning the value of family and community.

If you would like to financially contribute to any of the above listed program areas, please visit the donate page to learn how to give your support or email for more information.