Rosie: Our loving sassypants

December 2, 2014

By Courtney Mathews

There are some children you meet who are shy upon first meeting. They stick close to those they know best and are timid to make new friends. Rosie, however, is NOT one of those children. She is just the opposite, in fact. Rosie doesn’t seem to ever meet a stranger. Child, teenager, adult, North American or Honduran, Rosie can immediately disarm timidity and become friends with anyone.

Rosie is a big ball of energy. A bilingual spitfire with a zest for life and a sense of humor that is surprisingly witty for a five-year-old. But her love for others and her desire to welcome them in is the thing I love the most about her personality.

Rosie came to live with Amber when she was just 15 months old, and she has taken up residence in the hearts of many ever since. Maybe it’s because of Amber’s involvement in ministry and Rosie’s constantly being around people that has forced her to develop an outgoing personality. Or maybe it’s because she was born the youngest of 11 children that’s taught her how to hold her own in a crowd. Or maybe it’s simply because God has uniquely gifted this little girl with an uncanny ability to understand the situations of those around her and respond in kind.

Rosie can share happiness and excitement with children who are overjoyed to be playing in a park or running around the building. But she can just as easily recognize when an older widow who walks into church is hurting, and she can offer a comforting hug. It’s in those moments where you can see just what a powerful tool God has given this little girl, and we pray that God continues to foster that talent.

Rosie is indeed a sassypants. She almost never stops talking and is quick to playfully poke fun at you if you deserve it. Her orneriness can most certainly get her into trouble at times, but it’s that same spirit that gives her such life. She’s a little girl of incredibly perceptive compassion, and we can’t wait to see the ways in which God uses her in this life.

Please pray for Rosie as she continues to grow in life and in her faith. And please consider sponsoring her to spend a fun Christmas on the beach with us this year.